Straight teeth

Perfect Smile - Tallinn

Your smile is your shortcut to people hearts, let's make it Perfect :) 

Dr. Ayesh is certified in many modern systems for teeth alignment without using the metal brackets, which offer very cosmetic and fast solution for adults who wish to gain a perfect smile without shining metal brackets on their teeth, beside his experience and artistic touch to re-create your stunning smile.

Perfect Smile is the first clinic in Estonia which offered divided payment of treatment without need for bank loans, but offer also longer period of payment with LHV loans, and still the only provider of many modern orthodontic solutions in Estonia.

Clear aligners / Invisalign


Light, comfortable, and un-noticeable, in average 5-10 months a short way for a fantastic smile.

Made in best British, German, and American dental labs, and offer a digital 3D image of results.


Clear aligners:

For mild cases we can offer affordable options using different brands of clear aligners, work perfectly and with high quality. In consultation, you can get an evaluation of your treatment need.

225 € for digital analysis (3D image of treatment results from computer).


1250 € for 1 jaw/ 2200 € for 2 jaws for ordering.

Afterwards: 100 € per month (for 1 jaw) - 200 € per month (for 2 jaws).

                  Visit fee: 50 €

Extra aligner: 80 € per piece.

Treatment takes about 5-20 months.

Invisalign (for all treatments):

Invisalign®aligners are virtually transparent and easy to take out, so you can eat and brush your teeth as normal, and with fewer compromises. You'll need to wear your Invisalign®aligners for 20-22 hours a day to ensure your treatment stays on track.

275 € for digital analysis (3D image of treatment results from computer).

Treatment (+50 € visit fee):

Small package (3.5 months): 2000 € for one jaw - 3000 € for both jaws.

Medium package (7 months): 3000 € for one jaw - 4000 € for both jaws.

Large package (10 months): 4000 € for one jaw - 5000 € for both jaws.

Comprehensive package: 6000 € for both jaws (up to 3 years).

                                          6500 € for both jaws (up to 5 years).

Extra aligner: 80 € per piece.

Protecting plastic box is included.

Retainer: it can be used as a plastic retainer after treatment, or order new retainer.


Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner from Perfect Smile


Amazingly fast! Fabricated in UK according to the original design of the American producer, and Dr. Ayesh is pioneer in providing Inman Aligner in Estonia.

2-5 months treatment for the front 4 teeth.



Digital analysis: 225 €.

Aligner: 1250 € for 1 jaw.

Treatment: 85 €/visit for 1 jaw.


Treatment takes about 2-5 visits.


Protecting plastic box is included.

Retainer: see the list down.


PS-brackets (braces)


Comfortable, modern and fast treatment with fixed brackets in 6-24 months.

Average treatment takes about 9-12 visits, more complicated cases can take much longer.

Metal PS-brackets:

 For 1 jaw: 775 € for braces.

 For both jaws: 1550 € for braces.

Treatment: 150 €/visit.

* Metal brackets can be golden plated or decorated with flowers, hearts or stars shape (+50€).


Clear PS-brackets (ceramic):

For 1 jaw: 900 € for braces.

For both jaws: 1750 € for braces.

Treatment: 170 €/visit.


Self-ligating PS-brackets (ceramic with small metal cover):

For 1 jaw: 950 € for braces.

For both jaws: 1800 € for braces.

Treatment:150 €/visit.

* Full clear self-ligating brackets: +35€ for each bracket added.

Clear Self-ligating PS-brackets (ceramic with clear cover):

For 1 jaw: 1000 € for braces.

For both jaws: 1900 € for braces.

Treatment:170 €/visit.

Retainer: see the list down.

Installation visit: 275€ (one jaw).


Lingual brackets (behind the teeth)


Hidden brackets behind teeth, can't be seen or noticed!

It needs more patience and work, but it gives totally hidden treatment :)

It takes about 6-10 months for correcting front teeth.



Treatment: 1500 € for 1 jaw.

Afterwards: 200 € /visit (about 5-12 visits).



NEW!: White lingual braces (can't be noticed even with your wide laugh :)): +25 € for each bracket order.


Retainer: see the list down.


6-month smiles braces

Effective, modern and fast treatment with fixed ceramic brackets from the famous American system in 5-9 months.

The only certified dentist in Estonia and the first who offer 3D image of your treatment results before you start.

*New: For first time can offer combined (mixed) treatment of aligners and braces, for the same price, no extra cost!


Digital analysis: 275 € (3D image of treatment results from computer).

Braces: 1100 € for 1 jaw or 2000 € for 2 jaws.

Treatment: 190 €/visit (about 5-12 visits).

Price is including the regular materials and wires.

Retainer: see the list down.




We always recommend to fix teeth with a retainer after finishing the treatment, and here are main options:


Classical Metal retainer: 150 €/arch


Plastic (removable) retainer: 225 €/arch

Plastic retainer - Invisalign: 525 €/arch (3 pieces)


Flat white retainer: 300 €/arch (digitally designed)

Composite (white) retainer: 200 €/arch (fixed in the clinic)


Plastic splints & Whitening:

Whitening (Bleaching) splint/tray: 100 € per jaw (Full mouth with gel: 275 €).

Night Guard (Bite-splint): Thick (Scandinavian design) 425 € - Medium 325 € - Thin 225 €

Anti-Snoring device: 550 €


Removing braces:

- Removing anchors after the aligners: 60 € / jaw.

- Removing fixed ceramic (white) braces: 150 € / jaw.

- Removing fixed metal braces: 125 € / jaw.


General prices:


Consultation (complete): 60 € (25 min) - 75€ (35 min) so you can hear about the possibilities of treatment and different braces systems, time and cost, and payment in advance or monthly.


2 Impressions + 2 models + treatment plan: 150 €.


E-consultation (with email): 35 € - 15 min. (payment in advance).

Sunday visit: 50 € extra/visit.

Absence from an appointment: 30 €.

Extra change of a bracket or wire: 35 €.

Check up of a retainer: 50 € (fixing: +15 € per tooth).



* Please notice the real treatment's period (time) depends on the personal need, and can't be predicted precisely in the beginning.